SMC Hot Pressed GRP/FRP Sectional Water Tank

Optimal Design

1. Panel Design (FEA)

Finite Element Analysis (FEA) is used in the design of the panels and the inputs of variables such as safety factor, seismic load, wind velocity, hydrostatic pressure etc.. are taken into the design to pursue the optimal design of the panels.

2. Reinforcement System

:: Internal Reinforcement System
(Illustration of Internal Tie Rods Support)

:: External Reinforcement System
(Illustration of External Bracing System)

:: Internal Flanged System
(Illustration of Internally Flanged Base)

:: Concrete Based System
(Illustration of Concrete Based System)

3. Steel Tower Design

We can design the steel tower according to client specifications and requirement. Design criteria are based on international standard for both static and dynamic seismic load. Design criteria taken into consideration:-

:: Wind Velocity
:: Seismic Zone
:: Water Tank Capacity
:: Height of the Steel Tower
:: Other