SMC Hot Pressed GRP/FRP Sectional Water Tank

KK Tank Overview

KK Tank adopted the best quality and most advance technology from Japan by using Sheet Moulding Compounds (SMC) Hot Pressed Molding method.

Seven Reasons Why Should You Choose KK Tank:

In cold pressed or hand lay up methods, un-reacted styrene monomer is remained in GRP and will extracted out in water gradually. In KK Tank SMC hot pressed method, un-reacted styrene monomer content is less than 0.01% which is very safe to keep drinking water.

KK GRP/FRP Panels are produced by compression molding method (Adopting technology from Japan) at high pressure under high closely control temperature. Tolerance of the nominal dimension is + 0.3% or - 0.3%.

SMC process give high material modulus to prevent the tank deforms or leak compared to other production methods and able to withstand 6 times hydrostatic pressure.

KK Tank is flexible in various sizes and shapes to maximize the limited space.

KK GPR/FRP panels’ surface are covered and reinforced by glass cloth or mat which prevent from Sun-shine damage and help to withstand the water pressure. With sandwich insulated panels, the thermal conductivity is low.

Special designed flat surface panel that has enough strength for large pipe connections to the panels without additional nozzles.

Sealing materials are non-toxic and able to withstand the temperature and stress variation during service.