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KK Composite Technology Sdn Bhd is a new venture investment under Sun Molding Sdn Bhd. in Malaysia which is incorporated in 1989 as a manufacturer of precision plastic injection moulds and plastic product. With 20 years of experience in its efficiency, flexibility and with its careful planning and data processing have ensured a continue quality approach in its high-tech development in the successful growth of the company.

To ensure the success of GRP/FRP Tank business, we are committed to provide our clients the excellent quality products by adopting the latest GRP/FRP technology from Japan, KK Tank Panel are molded using Sheet Moulding Compound (SMC) Hot Pressed production methods that give good finishing and dimensionally accurate panels. In fact, our company’s products are manufactured in our own factory under strict assured quality conditions in order to reach our customers’ expectation.


To become the world's top supplier of water tank.


We are committed to drive the growth and capabilities of water tank technology. This can be done through by several approaches.

1. Excellent materials imported from Korea and accessories from reliable suppliers and thus, KK tank is excellent in quality.

2. World-class technology and able to produce the products under strict assured quality conditions and authorised association (SPAN, SIRIM, ASTAR).

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